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Why Mulch?


Conserve Water

By reducing evaporation due to sun and wind.

Suppress Weed Growth

By keeping the soil cool and moist and depriving weeds of light.

Encourage Microbial Life

By leaching beneficial nutrients into the soil and teeming with beneficial plant microbes.

The Facts about Mulch

Lucerne and pea straw mulch is organic, natural, and weeds and feeds in one operation. It is the key to a low maintenance garden. Mulching most importantly saves our most precious resource, water.

What They Say About Us

We came across a local family business through social media selling garden mulch and were absolutely excited to be able to purchase Lucerne for our gardens. There’s lots of different kinds of mulch you can use but we find Lucerne to be the best for many reasons. It provides many important minerals for healthy plants & soils, increases soil nitrogen, suppression of weeds, conserves moisture and stimulates healthy root growth. We find Rich River Garden Mulch value for money & is a superior product. They are professional, prompt, super friendly and community minded. We wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for our mulching needs.

Lisa & John Vick


Lucerne Mulch

Lucerne (alfalfa) is an outstanding mulch. It is very nutritious and is one of the few mulches which breaks down quickly adding substantial nitrogen to the soil.

Pea Straw Mulch

Pea straw is ideal for the home gardener to use in the vegetable garden, around fruit trees, shrubs and roses. Is a natural soft product that nourishes and conditions the soil.

Who do you supply?

We supply many retail stores across Australia, use our map widget or visit our stockists page for contact details and addresses.

Where can I buy your products?

We don’t sell our products individually, you can purchase from any of our stockists.

What's the minimum order quantity?

This depends on multiple factors such as the product and location, contact us today to discuss.

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        25 reasons to MULCH

        1. reduces evaporation
        2. maintains moisture
        3. keeps soil cool in summer and warm in winter
        4. suppresses weeds
        5. improves soil nutrition
        6. improves soil conditions, binding sands, and opening up clays
        7. improves soil drainage
        8. protects plants from frost injury
        9. stops erosion
        10. saves time cultivating and hoeing
        11. Prevents surface crusting allowing the soil to breathe
        12. reduces soil compaction
        13. prevents vitamin loss in plants
        14. encourages nutrients to be taken up by the roots
        15. improves the yield of crops
        16. stops nutrients from being leached from the soil
        17. hinders pests laying their eggs near to the plant roots
        18. deters harmful insects by its odour
        19. reduces losses caused by soil borne diseases
        20. encourages earthworms and other microorganisms
        21. causes feeder roots to develop near the soil surface
        22. encourages roots to penetrate deeper in search of food
        23. makes plants more sturdy
        24. improves the flavour and the quality of the harvest
        25. improves the ‘look’ of the garden